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Wedding Photo Editing Services

For over 7 years ok retouch has been a trusted company for wedding and portrait photographers who are looking for customized and stylized wedding photography editing. Being available 24/7 and offering marriage photo editing at the fastest turnaround, our retouchers help with edits of any level, from culling to retouching.

Wedding Photo Editing Services We Provide:

Culling & color correction – from $0.06 per photo

Send us numerous photos from a wedding and we will select the most successful shots, improve colors and get rid of distracting objects. A pure white bride’s dress and vibrant tones of the background are guaranteed.

Marriage photo retouching – from $2.50 per photo

We start with basic wedding photo edits, namely, remove skin defects, enhance the texture, whiten teeth, and then proceed with the deeper photo adjustments – Dodging and Burning, split toning, airbrushing, etc.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

HDR photo blending – $12 per photo

We merge two wedding or portrait photos with different brightness levels and temperature to get slightly better bridal image quality out of your highlights and shadows.

Background replacement/removal – $12 per photo

Our wedding photo editing specialists can completely change the mood of your marriage images by changing the background. Either you want us to simply enhance it or replace it with a totally new one, Fixthephoto will make all the changes as realistic as possible.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Remove/add objects or people – from $12 per object

To place the newlyweds in the center of photo composition, we will realistically remove distracting objects or people in the frame. Retouchers can do the opposite wedding photo editing and fill the composition with additional objects at your request.

Complex Photoshop manipulations – $30 per photo

ok retouch retouchers are ready to accept any wedding image editing challenge and give your bridal pictures a charming look. We can digitally relocate the couple to a mountain peak or an ocean shore, surround them with bright fireworks or beautiful rose petals.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Clothes editing/wrinkles removal – from $6 per photo

HDR real estate photo editing will improve your property photos, make colors dynamic and bright. Fixthephoto retouchers will edit your property photos giving them a detailed, vibrant and crisp look. We will blend several real estate images with varying exposures into 1 photo with a proper brightness & contrast balance.

Make-up adjustment – $12 per photo

Retouchers can refresh the make-up, which may lose its original look after several hours of the wedding ceremony. We will make the colors of the lips brighter, highlight eyes, apply blush and eyeshadow. Particular make-up editing requirements are accepted.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Stray hair removal – from $6 per photo

ok retouch retouchers will remove flyaway hairs on portraits and perform gentle smoothing without overphotoshopping. Only natural portrait and wedding photography editing.

Skin tone fixing – from $2.50 per photo

Forget about redness or yellowness on the skin caused by improper lighting. Send us your bridal images and we will make sure the models’ skin is beautiful and healthy edited in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image