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Welcome to okRetouch, your go-to destination for high-quality bulk photo editing services. We understand that your business demands efficient and cost-effective solutions, which is why we offer special rates tailored specifically for your volume orders. Whether you’re a returning customer or placing a large order for the first time, we have unique offers, discounts, gifts, and even freebies to enhance your experience with us.

This page includes our price list for all services we provide. If you were looking for a professional photo editing service for a cheap price, you found the perfect place. The prices for image editing services from okretouch firm are reasonable and stable. Do not forget to mention all instructions, additional changes to the photographs which should be fixed. You are welcome to choose the most suitable tasks for professional photographers listed below. You pay for the services in American dollars but we can accept international charges via PayPal or Bank-Transfer.


We have unique offers, discounts, gifts, or even freebies for our return users and for volume orders. We will provide you With 20% OFF if your order is over  2000+ Images. This bellow price list is applicable when your order is under 2000 images.

Experience the convenience, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of our bulk photo editing services. Contact us today to discuss your project, and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you. We look forward to partnering with you and exceeding your editing needs!



per photo

Services applied:

Light Skin Face Correction (Up to 3 People)

Red Eye Effect Removal

Blemish Removal

Scar, Pimple, Acne

Face Skin Smoothening

Teeth Whitening

Color Correction

Image Cropping

Not Include:

Headshots Editing

Studio Photos Editing

Body Retouching

Touch Up of the Background

Newborn Photo Editing



per photo

Services applied:

Basic Corrections

Pro Beauty Correction (Up to 3 People)

Body Correction / Retouching

Weight Reduction

BackGround Enhancement

Removing Stray Hair

Slight Stretching Solid Сolor Background

Face Wrinkles Removal

Removing Small Objects

Clipping Path simple objects on the transparent / solid black or white background (No Retouching)

Newborn Photo Editing

Portrait Photo Retouching

Not Include:

Masking Images

High End


per photo

Services applied:

Pro Corrections

High End Beauty Correction (Up to 3 People)

High End Eye Retouching

High End Hair Retouching

High End Background Retouching

HDR Effects/HDR Compositing

Following Client's Style

Jewelry Retouching

Nude-photos Editing



per photo

Services applied:

Braces Removal *

Basic Correction (Up to 10 People)

Merge Photos *

Remove /Restore Elements

Add or Remove People *

Fixing Color Fringing / Chromatic Aberration

Eyeglass Glare Removal *

Photography Elements, Clothes and Accessories Colors Changing *

Head / Eyes / Body Parts Swapping *

Wrinkles / Creases of Clothes Smoothing *

Background Replacement for a Couple of Objects *

Masking Images *

Clipping Path for a Complex Objects *

* Separately provided option

Photo Manipulations & Restorations


per photo

Services applied:

Photo Restoration Services

Prices - More Info

Photo Manipulation Services

Prices - More Info

Pro Correction (Up to 5 People)

Creative Effects

Advanced Effects (per person)

Digital Drawings (per person)


Coloring Old B/W Photo ($60)

Repair Discoloration or Fading

PIN UP style

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