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Best Photo Restoration Service

Photos serve the role of showcasing your preserved past experiences and memories. They help in taking you back to those days and remind you of a lot of things. In most cases, no matter how hard you keep your precious photos safe, they will get dull or creases due to improper storage or mishandling.  With ok Retouch Professional Photo Editing, you will get the best old photo restoration service. Your old but special memories are perfected to an original and fresh

Color Restoration

it would be great if your old photos or damaged photos to see them in their original state where colors are lively and joyful to watch. With this service, you can restore any photo’s color effectively and at an affordable cost.

Old Damage Photo Restoration

While photographs help to evoke warm memories of your past with friends or family members, damaging becomes a limiting factor to the enjoyment of viewing such photos over time. They get creased, cracks, fade their color, or catch stains. ok Retouch offers the best damage to photo restoration service. We incorporate and utilize the best latest technologies, including software tools, to clear up such damages. With ok Retouch Professional Photo retouching services, you can expect to get great and high-quality photos restored from all kinds of havoc.

Black & White Image Restoration

Black and white photographs can be victims of stains, scratches, fading, or ravages over time. Restoring such images is often a difficult task and time-consuming. As a result, they need high levels of expertise and appropriate software. With Ok Retouch Professional Photo retouching services, your black and white photos are restored to perfection. Our team comprises professionals with six-plus years of experience and skills in black and white restoration services.


Image clipping path services are professional assistance provided by companies for eliminating objects from still pictures. Other people call it to image background removable service. It includes services such as background removal, Ghost Mannequin Removal, photo retouching, clipping mask, and any other Photoshop editing services.

Ghost Mannequin Service

This refers to a photoshop of clothes in the absence of a model. It is also called neck joint Mannequin service. This service portrays the unworn clothes as worn by an invisible person in product promotion. Mannequin makes the apparels to keep their shape. This service is mainly used in e-commerce, magazines and online fashion businesses.

Photo Restoration Services

Scan your photos and send us for high-quality online photo restoration services. We will restore your damaged and old photos, repair damaged parts of a picture, remove scratches or mask different damages caused by water, age or other factors.

Picture Restoration Services We Provide:

Water damage restoration – from $30 per photo

If your photos have been spoilt by water and now look unattractive, we are ready to help you bring them to life. Retouchers will make colors vibrant and fill in blank areas.

Mold damage repair – from $30 per photo

We are ready to repair your mold damaged photos and make them look even better than initial images with colors, WB, saturation and contrast being on point. Our retouchers will get rid of ugly spots and make every detail in a photo crisp.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Restore and reassemble missing pieces – from $45 per photo

If your images are missing some pieces/parts, you can address our team of retouchers and they will recreate old/damaged photos, so that the final picture looks realistically restored. High-quality and natural antique photo restoration is guaranteed.

B&W photo colorization – from $60 per photo

ok retouch is ready to fill your old, B&W photos with colors. We promise the results will look beautiful and absolutely realistic.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Antique photo restoration – from $30 per photo

You should order this photo repair service if your antique photos have undergone numerous negative changes caused by several natural phenomena, like water and mold. We will take care of all damages, ensuring your pictures look gorgeous.

Ripped and torn photo repair – from $45 per photo

Images with torn-off edges or harsh cuts can barely “tell” the story of a particular event, but we can easily solve this problem. Even if a photo has many ripped parts, we will glue them together by means of advanced Photoshop tools and present you with a beautiful family image.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Stains, scratches and blemishes removal – from $30 per photo

Spots, scratches and other visible blemishes can totally ruin your old photos. Order FixThePhoto picture restoration services and we will remove them from your photos, fill in empty areas, and perform overall color correction to give each object an accurate look.

Photo sharpening – from $30 per photo

Photo restoration would be incomplete without sharpening. When we are done with defects removal and repair of missing parts, we proceed with sharpening. This way we make every item in the frame clearly defined, while models’ facial features acquire nice look.

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image