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ok Retouch is an offshore photo editing company with more than 25+ Photoshop DTP professionals. We are a Canadian based photo editing online service provider. We have 5+ years of experience in photo editing service. We have become one of the growing photo editing company.

We are working with the recognized graphics design agencies, product photographer, e-commerce site. Our in-depth knowledge. 5+ years of experience and production scalability in professional image retouching, So we can assure you to provide world-class service.

We offer a Free Trial service, so before ordering, you can see our work quality. We have a dedicated customer support team. They are always ready to provide you the best quality service.

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Photo Editing Services We Provide:

Portrait Photo Editing

Only $6 per photo. We will make portrait photos look good and professionally edited.
Our retouchers will enhance body shapes and skin texture, remove all unwanted imperfections making your models look realistically edited.

Portrait photo editing services included:

  • Color adjustment
  • Skin smoothing
  • Blemishes and stray hair removal
  • Make-up correction
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Only $0.25 per photo. Give a romantic feel to your photos.
Our team will add highlights, adjust colors and enhance the background fast and at the cheapest price.

Wedding photo editing services included:

  • Stylized color correction
  • Airbrushing
  • Skin texture retouching
  • Smoothing out wrinkles on the clothes
  • Fixing lighting issues
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Only $6 per photo. We will make any model’s figure look fabulous.
We will remove all skin and body imperfections reshaping body parts, muscles size increasing and fixing makeup.

Body photo editing services included:

  • Airbrushing
  • Making body curves slimmer
  • Dodge&Burn
  • Breast enlargement
  • Cellulite removal
  • Background enhancement
  • Stray hair removal
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Only $6 per photo. We will help you enhance baby photos to create a charming photo album.
Our experts will remove skin blemishes, adjust red tints/colors, remove props and transform the background naturally.

Newborn photo editing services included:

  • Skin tone enhancement and airbrushing
  • Nose, eyes, cheeks retouching
  • Background editing
  • Color enhancement
  • Unnecessary props removal
  • Body retouching
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Only $2.50 per photo. We will help you widen your customer base.
Our experts will skillfully edit your product/ecommerce photos and make them Amazon or catalog-worthy.

Product photo editing services included:

  • Background removal/replacement
  • Color correction
  • Editing out shadows
  • Ghost Mannequin technique
  • Noise reduction
  • Clipping path
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Only $6 per photo. Make your jewelry photos shine and look flawless.
We will enhance gems, replace background, make color correction and remove any unwanted objects.

Jewellery photo editing services included:

  • Background removal
  • Making the gemstones look shiny
  • Color enhancement
  • Reflection removal
  • Making metal surfaces smoother
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Photo Manipulation

Only $30 per photo. Make your photos or collages look more creative and fun.
We can fully replace heads, facial expressions, transform the background, turn your pictures into paintings and make funny collages.

Photo manipulation services included:

  • Photomontage
  • Background removal
  • Objects replacement
  • Heads/faces swapping
  • Applying special effects
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Real Estate

Only $1.50 per photo. Help your clients find a house of their dreams showing perfect photos.
We guarantee professionally edited photos of real estate properties and interiors covering real estate trends.

Real estate photo editing services included:

  • Horizon strengthening
  • Sky replacement
  • Lawn retouching
  • Unwanted objects removal
  • Window cut-out
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Only $30 per photo. We will bring your memories back to life.
Colorize an old family photo or restore a photo damaged by time/water/fire.

Photo restoration services included:

  • Restoring water-damaged areas
  • Repairing torn parts
  • Deleting stains
  • Face retouching
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We offer a Free Trial service, so before ordering, you can see our work quality. We have a dedicated customer support team. They are always ready to provide you the best quality service.

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